On Bucket Lists

bucketI understand the concept of a Things To Do Before I Die list, but why call it a Bucket List? Do people think of a wish, write it on a scrap of paper and then drop it in a bucket for safe keeping? Buckets are for water and for cleaning and for slop, not for storing one’s keenest hopes and dreams.

So why not refer to it as one’s Life List or Dream Dossier?

Oh. I get it. It’s the list of things one would like to do before one “kicks the bucket”… Which makes me wonder: Was it so common for people to die while milking cows, therefore kicking over the bucket, that it became an idiom?

We live in a strange and inexplicable world.

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  1. Frank Moraes

    I too hate the expression. Why make a list of things you can spend the rest of your life disappointed that you will never get to do? I have a daily list, but it just contains a single item: get enough caffeine in me before I do serious bodily harm to myself because when I first wake up the true state of my life if clear.

    I always thought "kick the bucket" referred to suicide by hanging. If this is true, it makes the "bucket list" even more stupid. By the way, have you seen the film, The Bucket List? It’s terrible!

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