Life Without God

Lawrence Krauss: Our Godless Universe is Precious

Man does not need God to accomplish great things. God is a hindrance, not a help. Belief in God may have been the impetus behind the great cathedrals, but men alone built them.


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4 Responses to Life Without God

  1. Frankly Curious

    I love religious art. But people looking at cathedrals and saying it is thanks to God are just stupid. Churches have supported a lot of great art because they had all the money!

    On the other hand, Lawrence Krauss is kind of an idiot when discussing ontology.

  2. Andrea

    Slave labor is a big help too.

  3. Frankly Curious

    No matter how cynical I get, I am still an amateur.

  4. Andrea

    I have a limited skill set and cynicism plays a vital role.

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