Bill Donohue Is Annoying

My husband and I pay extra to not be assaulted by terrible shows, insulting commercials, and the hysterical drone of news programs. It’s extortion, but that’s the world we live in. So I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (and a few others) via HuluPlus and I’m content. Being informed and entertained by people who have, more or less, the same world view as I do is comforting.

My recent plunge into the whirlwind of Twitter has been an interesting experience. Aside from picking up a bit of the vernacular (e.g. LULz) and experiencing the challenge of expressing coherent thoughts with 140 letters or less, it’s also a fascinating area in which to study human nature.

Not everything I’ve encountered on Twitter is surprising or interesting though. For example, I already knew that Fox News is appalling and I’m not shocked by the number of very irritating theists who argue their one point like a dog chasing its tail while incessantly barking. But now also I know that Bill Donohue exists and he’s appalling too.

I don’t like smug in any color or creed, but listening to Mr Bill only reaffirmed by choice of turning my back on religion.


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3 Responses to Bill Donohue Is Annoying

  1. Frankly Curious

    Oh no, Mr Bill!

  2. Andrea

    Only a certain generation would pick up on that. I did think about turning it into a link though.

  3. Frankly Curious

    There are so many Mr. Bill videos, I can’t tell which are the ‘official’ ones.

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